Our new website - Locals helping Locals

Our new website has been brought about by an awesome effort by a bunch of very generous people. The picture above is of me (on the right) and Hannah Fromont from Kaz Design. We are in the Kaz design offices and Hannah is running me through how to maintain the website.

So how did we get to that stage? Well it all started about the middle of May when I approached the team at Rocketspark (https://www.rocketspark.com/nz/) to ask about using their software to help us build a new website. I had heard about them and knew they were  Waikato based and so thought that they might be keen to assist another local! I was so thrilled when they replied almost immediately and offered to help. The Rocketspark software can help you build your website - without using a designer - but although I have some basic experience I am not an expert.  So they put me in touch with another local - Kaz Design (https://www.kaz.co.nz/) - run by the awesome Karen May - who are one of Rocketspark's design partners in the Waikato.

A few days later Karen came to have a chat with Linda and I about what we needed - and introduced us to her intern Hannah. Hannah works part time with the Kaz Design team whilst she is in the final year of her degree at the University of Waikato. Talking with them both was a great experience they immediately seemed to get what Kids in Need is about - and we felt in very safe hands. Karen was also full of great ideas for how we can grow the website in the future - things that we had never even thought of - but that will be so helpful. We were also very fortunate that as a part of one of her papers at Uni, Hannah needed to design a website for an organisation - so it just felt like all the stars aligning at exactly the right time. Hannah is also a talented photographer ( https://www.hfphotography.co.nz/) and took some great photos of Linda and Graeme, and also the flat lays you can see in the Inspiration Gallery on the donate page of the new site.

The finished result is stunning. It looks superb - eye catching, colourful and seems to really encapsulate how we want people to feel when they interact with Kids In Need. The feedback we have been getting - is so positive - we are thrilled!

So big thanks to Karen, Hannah and the Kaz Design team and also to the team at Rocketspark. These guys have been and are so awesome - so if a new website is in your future - don't hesitate and get in touch!



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